Competition "Passenger Terminal Graz", Austria
2nd stage
The task was to prepare a master plan for the entire airport including land
development, parking facilities, terminal building, hotel building and
conference facilities, with the option of extension (as many construction
stages as required) and further development of the first construction stage to
extend an existing terminal building.

The design concept provides for a U-shaped complex surrounding a
landside square with curbsides and open-air parking facilities around an
already existing ATC tower building. All functions ranging from subterranean
airport railway station, hotel, conference facilities and terminal building to
multi-storey car parks will be linked with each other by an inner and outer
access area.

Gradual extensibility of the terminal building without interrupting major
functional processes was an essential aspect during the project phase. As a
result, the building has been designed as a combination of individual,
independently operable modules.

Total development of the airport is accentuated by the architecturally
independent hotel building, which together with the ATC tower adds a
vertical component to the airport building with its horizontal accent.